Player Code Of Conduct Agreement

Denville Baseball, at its core, teaches and promotes good sportsmanship, respect, loyalty, and honesty in our players, towards other players, coaches, families, officials and the game itself.

As a player in Denville Baseball I agree to the following code of conduct:


  1. I will respect my teammates, coaches, parents, spectators, umpires and myself, and will treat all with good sportsmanship and respect.
  2. I will remember that I am part of a team and I cannot play the game on my own.
  3. I will conduct myself in an appropriate manner and try not to bring any disgrace or danger to my teammates, coaches, parents, spectators, umpires or myself. I represent my team, my league, and my town as well as my family and myself.
  4. I will demonstrate the highest level of sportsmanship, and understand that winning is not the sole reason that I play the game. I will demonstrate good sportsmanship in losing as well as winning.
  5. I will respect the grounds and facilities that games/practices are played at. I will treat these with respect and report any misuse or abuse. I am expected to help keep the playing areas clean, including picking up any garbage on the fields and dugout after each game.
  6. I will treat my opponents and teammates with respect.
  7. I will not use profanity in any situation.
  8. I will not steal or mistreat other people’s equipment or belongings.
  9. I am expected to come prepared with my equipment to practices and games.
  10. Full uniforms must be worn to each game.
  11. I will treat my coaches with respect and listen to what they are instructing me to do.
  12. I will not post anything on any social media site about any team or player in a bullying manner.


I understand and agree to the rules above; I understand that failure to comply with the rules means that I will have a disciplinary hearing and action will be taken against me, including but not limited to game suspension.

Parent Code of Conduct Agreement

Denville Baseball provides your child with a fun and safe environment in which to engage in a healthy athletic competition.

Because of the excitement and emotion of our games, we are providing this reminder to parents of what expected from you, your children and your guests.  We encourage you to cheer on all players and enjoy the games for what they are, a children’s game.


  1. Please always express yourselves in a positive manner. Saying negative things about players, coaches or umpires will not be tolerated.
  2. We will not tolerate any behavior on the playing field or in the stands, which would hinder the spirit of sportsmanship and cooperation that we are trying to encourage.
  3. Please DO NOT coach yours or anyone else’s children from the stands. The causes confusion for the players and undermines the coaches.  We encourage you to cheer for your children and practice with them outside of team practices and games.
  4. Abusive behavior and the use of foul language is not permitted and will not be tolerated.
  5. Conduct of your guests is your responsibility.
  6. This is a volunteer program. All our Coaches and Managers are volunteers.  Please remember this.
  7. You will remember that your child plays for his enjoyment, not for mine.
  8. You will always address any questions or concerns to the coaching staff at the appropriate time.
  9. Parents, if you feel that your concerns were not met by your child’s coach, you may contact the Division Director or any member of the Denville Baseball Executive Board.
  10. You will drop your children off and pick them up at the appropriate time.  If other transportation arrangements are made, please notify your child’s team manager to ensure your child leaves safely.
  11. At the T-Ball level, parents will stay for the entirety of each clinic/practice or game session.
  12. If you observe any inappropriate behavior by another parent (or their guests), coach/manager, player or umpire. You should report this to the Denville Baseball Executive Board.
  13. Please observe all rules and guidelines as posted at the fields, even outside of Denville.  You represent yourself, your children, your children’s team, the league and Denville.  Make everyone proud of who we are as a whole!
  14. Most importantly, make sure everyone is safe and has fun!!!

Manager/Coach Code of Conduct

  1. Actions and behavior of coaches shall always be guided by the highest level of sportsmanship, professionalism, and integrity.
  2. Coaches are responsible for knowing, understanding, and following all rules as established by Denville Baseball.
  3. All rules must be adhered to by the coaches. As such, it is the coach's responsibility to make sure that all players understand the rules and all rules are adhered to by all participants.
  4. Coaches should not attempt to "beat the rules" or take any unfair advantage over an opponent.
  5. Managers and Coaches shall neither exhibit nor tolerate any behavior, verbal or otherwise, that reflects poorly on Denville Baseball. This includes, arguing with umpires, game officials, other coaches, players or any fans/spectators. Only managers may have a discussion with an umpire regarding a call that they disagree with on a call that is rule based, not opinion (strikes, balls, outs). This will be conducted in a calm and quiet manner with the umpire who made the call.  Only a manager may request the calling umpire to discuss the call in question with the rest of the umpiring crew.
  6. Public displays of displeasure regarding an umpire’s call/decision before, during, or after a game are not acceptable behavior. Said behavior may result in a disciplinary hearing.
  7. Coaches are expected to maintain appropriate levels of behavior as an example to the players. Coaches are accountable for their own behavior, their player’s behavior and the behavior of the families and friends of their team before, during and immediately after the game.
  8. Unacceptable behaviors include but is not limited to, swearing, uncontrolled temper, inappropriate contact with the players, and rude or disrespectful treatment of the players, coaches, parents, or umpires.
  9. Whenever players, families, friends or spectators exhibit unsportsmanlike or other inappropriate behaviors, it is the responsibility of the coaching staff to address that behavior and put an end to it.
  10. Coaches are responsible for the safety of all players on their team. Coaches must not allow reckless behavior in the dugout, warm-up areas, or on the playing field.
  11. Coaches should remain at an activity site until all players are picked up by their parents or guardians. Coaches should not provide a ride for a player unless another adult or their own child is present.
  12. Coaches shall not practice or play on fields that are indicated as closed by the Township of Denville.
  13. Coaches shall not have their team practice on any field that they are not scheduled to practice on.
  14. Coaches should not treat or allow players, spectators, or other coaches to treat the grounds or any equipment in an abusive manner. Fields should be cleaned up after a game or practice and all equipment shall be put away to its proper location before leaving the field.
  15. Dissatisfaction with the rules and by-laws and/or their implementation should only be addressed with your Division Director or a member of the Denville Baseball Executive Board. Coaches should avoid expressing dissatisfaction through parents, players, or other coaches.