2023 Denville Baseball Sponsor Form

Business Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Contact Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Contact Phone:____________________ Contact E-mail:___________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________

Website URL or Facebook page: _____________________________________________________

Business / Organization name to appear on Uniform (Please try to limit to 25 Characters): ________________________________________________________________________________

Uniform color request (no guarantees): ________________________________________________

League Request (no guarantees): • T-ball • Rookie • Minors • Majors

Do you have family playing in our program? • Yes • No
If so, player’s name and current school grade: ___________________________________________

  • Team Sponsor (Company name on uniform) $300

(Includes name and hyperlink on Denville Baseball website)

Other Sponsor opportunities:

  • Website only (name and hyperlink) $50
  • Featured Sponsor (Website Banner /hyperlink (please provide image)) $100
  • On Field Banner (all day Saturdays) – New Sponsor Banner $175
  • On Field Banner (all day Saturdays) – re-up existing banner $50
  • Other (please reach out to discuss other ideas you may have)